Friday, July 26, 2019

MHAPro 1.35 for ETS2 is OUT !!

Hello fans,

finally, I finished 1.35 update for ETS2 too. If you will play on DX11, you must know that DX11 is experimental and it can show on someplace black holes in the game.

The free version is still in progress and it will be ready in a short time.

If you will see any problem in the map MOD, please use my Email and send location with a picture from map inside the game and your Game.log document too...just that way I can tell you where it can be a problem.

Map MOD MHAPro is totally free of the errors. So, if you will have it, it is a problem or in your Profile or MODs which you use.

If we will find some bigger problem, I will update it and Resend you download link in Email which I will find for you ...

Those, who will support my work, please use my Form or Email in case if you will have any problem with download link !! ... you do not try many times to process, it is enough you just contact me cross Form for the problem.

Enjoy playing

Alex, MHAPro