Wednesday, April 17, 2019

American Truck Simulator and MHAPRo map MOD

Next step on MHAPro for ATS will be a new small city in Oregon with new companies, places etc. + new road from there to the northwest ... nbr.26 ...

Even if SCS release a new update I will anyway finish my open Projects in both maps first and then I will release new updates ... like always I ask you for some patience.

Like you see I do not post so much, basically, I work more on maps. I don't like talking too much about my work, I prefer to always show in pictures and later on in the map or better in the game.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Next step in MHAPro for 1.35

Next step will be a small place - city Hatfield.  I will connect that city with road 161 to the West on road 97 from Weed to Klamath Falls. More info later on from that road too ... of course there will be some new places too with some companies etc ...