Wednesday, February 19, 2020

NEW - Paypal made new option


Paypal made option for all of us, for those who can not use Paypal in their countries or from some reason they wont use Paypal and open account on Paypal.

From today, we can create Invoice for you and you dont need to open new Paypal account. Anyway, I will get your support on my Paypal. You can use Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American) and Discover card. But whole system is a little bit slow in process.

System works this way:

1. you must contact me on my Email :
2. in Email (your email must not be fake) you must write down for which map MOD you want to support my work
3. write to me : Create Invoice in Headline

When I will get your Email, I will create Invoice for you and you will get it in your Email box. After that you must open link Invoice inside the email and pay with Credit card or Discover card.

When you finish with that, contact me and confirm me that you support my work, I will control everything and if it is everything ok, I will manual send you on your Email download link for Support version MHAPro.

Whole system works ok for people in which countries they can not use Paypal.

On picture, you can see Invoice.

For those, who knows somebody who want to play on my map MOD but he can not use Paypal, please contact your friends and tell them they can contact me via Email and you can show them this Post.


Monday, February 17, 2020

MHAPro for ETS2 is in progress too..

Today I will show just first start on new update MHAPro map for ETS2 for next update 1.37. I started with cross near Wien (A) .... but that is just start .. more will come of course, the same in Euro truck simulator 2 as the same in American truck simulator too ..