Monday, May 27, 2019

MHAPro map MOD ???

Probably you ask your self, what I'm doing ...

I'm fixing from day to day in zModeler my Models and companies for both games, Euro truck simulator 2 and American truck simulator. It is a huge work.

Right now, I'm in the middle of deciding how fast and how much time I will work parallel on both games or better on MHAPro map MODs. Probably, with the start of September, I will turn more to American truck simulator, but I will still work on Euro truck simulator too, just slowly.

For sure I will try to make my ETS2 map compatible with new update and DLC.

I must say, that I can not work so much on both maps at the same time. In the past I worked with 18 WOS and US map ... and I must confirm, to me is more close even I'm not in US, but in Europe ... lol .. But, personally, I like more work on American truck simulator game.

So, those are plans, will I look for somebody who will be ready to help work on ETS2 map MHAPro, I will see to the end of June 2018.

For now, I can see I full-time work on a daily base on both games.

Monday, May 20, 2019

How is with MHAPro map MOD for 1.35 ?

About American Truck simulator and Euro truck simulator 2 !!
Short INFO ... how is going about MHAPro maps in new 1.35 - pain, pain and again ... pain ... lol
Many mistakes are in the basic games... but we must Update all Models and Prefabs again ...
This time I update for ATS 5th time all my data .... and for ETS2 I already do not count anymore .... haha
I can confirm, that MHAPro for ATS is in 1.35 with many errors on which I work now cross zModeler ... + other small things. But for now is a new problem, because Rebuild won't work in ATS too ... like in ETS2 ...
When I will update everything ... I will try again , but for update all my Models and Prefabs I will leave behind me 3-4 days with some 12-15h work on the day ... huge work ... because every model which I update I must overlook in the map too see if it is ok or not.
So, big show these days on my PC .... hahaha
I just hope will work on the end as it must.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Work in progress ...

Both map MODs MHAPro for 1.35 is in progress.

Like you probably saw, both games are now in Public BETA version. When will SCS release some game in 1.35 Public version, I count that I will manage my maps in some 3-4 weeks after that.

I hope just I will not have any problems with managing maps in the new version. We will see, right?!

Here is a link to blog SCS  :

Of course, more information will be here on my Blog.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Closer and closer to 1.35 update

Both maps MHAPro on my site are close !!  Because we're close to the update 1.35.  Anyway, depend from SCS when they will release 1.35 update in public, I plan to release some 14- 30 days after Public release my maps too ... depend on what I must do about compatibility and some other stuff.

Those, who are on my site MHAPro in User base, you will get Email when will be ready. Other can see that in my Facebook group or here on the blog and my site in News.

Today I will show you a totally new part of road US 26 in Oregon will find it between Juntura and Ontario - the cross will be in totally new city Vale (with companies too). That road will connect Vale and Mt Vernon and somewhere in the middle, you will find a small place called Brogan.

With the new SCS trailer and new roads in MHAPro map, everything will be more fun on the roads.

Joy and fun in the game are most important to me and of course, that everything works like it must !!