Monday, June 24, 2019

NEW - MHAPro 1.35 for ATS v1.35.x is on my site !!

Hello everybody,

my new update MHAPro 1.35 for ATS v1.35.x is out and you can find all download links on my site:  in Download section.

If you will have any problem with the download link, please contact me on my Email :

You must be Log In ... if you are on my site the first time, you must Register too and Confirm your Email.

For playing with MHAPro map MOD in American truck simulator you must have ALL SCS DLC maps !!  Otherwise, your game will not work.

About Euro truck simulator 2, my map is still in progress. I do not know right now when will be ready. It is around 2-3 x times more work with that game. But if you will look from time to time on my Blog, you will know what is in action. In any case, if you 're on my site in the database, you will get Email when will be map MOD ready !!

Special transport in American truck simulator MHAPro map will be updated with next version MHAPro.

To all my supporters, thank you for Support !!

Enjoy playing MHAPro map MOD !!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I have some release date for ATS ...

For now, I can tell just release date, approximate, for American truck simulator.  I hope I will release my MHAPro map MOD for American truck simulator between 24.6. and 2.7.  I will do my best to release between these days because I have some other life plans too.

With Euro truck simulator 2 is a totally different story ... it is really more work - much more work. I hope on my fast work and I will put everything in there too to fix everything and release it in July 2019 as fast I can.

American truck simulator map MOD is already on testing, but like always, I lost again some my work from before on the north of Oregon. Now in this next days, I will try to fix as much I can.

I can not fix everything in short time and put everything on the place but I will do my best ... you must know that SCS team has many people in there and they work more than 7-8 months on one DLC ... so, to me, fix, connect and put back is totally impossible to do that in 1 month. But I think I did a good job and you will like it, of course, those, who like my map MODs for ATS and ETS2.

So, if you want to be in touch with my news, put on the right side of my Blog your Email in there and you will get a note with every my post on your Email.

Enjoy in pictures from testing American truck simulator.

Monday, June 10, 2019

MHAPro for ATS

Hello fans,

like always, I will be short, because after some 3-4 weeks on daily base fight with my map and Editor in American truck simulator, I finally can say, map MOD is in 1.35 update and it is without any error.

Behind me is 12-15h daily in 3-4 weeks ... and I'm totally purging, but no matter how silly it was.

MHAPro for ATS 1.35 is in the testing phase. And tomorrow will be out DLC Washington too, so I must connect on that too. Probably will many of you ask me, will you need that DLC for playing on MHAPro. Yes. My maps are always connected on all SCS map DLC.

In front of me is now Euro truck simulator and totally work out to the end on the same level as ATS. I hope it will work like American truck simulator. We will see. I hope it will go faster because I learn some new tricks on ATS and probably I can use them on ETS2 too.

If you want to be informed from my blog, here on right side of Blog, you have Form where you can Submit your Email address and you will get always automatically Email from my blog.

MHAPro map MOD for American truck simulator will be Publish probably some 1-2 weeks after tomorrow when will be out DLC Washington.

Pictures are from testing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Next step from "dead center"

So much problem with my maps in Euro truck simulator and American truck simulator I never had. Better is with ATS game, where I'm on some way on some better point.

I updated already all my models, something small problem is still with signs ... but I hope I will manage that too. I must thank you here to Ever, who made Lowe's place for ATS map MOD and he fixed fast his model. It was some small pain with that one model, but he did that very fast and professional.

So, I'm on the daily move, working every day to get on point, fix everything and work further on my maps. Every such Update stops me on my development way ...

I hope always, that results will come at the end of course.

I already know that ETS2 map MHAPro will be much, much later out then ATS map MOD. How much later then ATS, right now I do not know.

With the new update came some new problems, old Sectors in some places won't work anymore. What is really weird. So, I must replace them with basic Sectors and put my work back. That is almost the same as I just start to work on that ... second work ... lol

But, I must be optimistic ... right ?!  ...  my mind always tells me ... Alex, work and you will have results ...