Thursday, October 24, 2019

Progress on MHAPro - for ATS game

From yesterday, after some 3-4 days without Editor, I can work again on Editor. SCS fix it 50% of Editor with last update and we can work on maps again. I did not try it in ETS2 , where was problem with reading new map, after Rebuild and Save. That I will test it tomorrow.

I want to show you today some new idea. You can be trucker - and owner your own farm. In small village Moro (OR) on state border with state Washington, you will find that small place. You will have there your garage, service and farm ... + house, of course ...

Enjoy it in new update 1.36 MHAPro map for ATS.

New update will be out after SCS release DLC Utah - you must know that I must connect first that new DLC on my map ... so it will take for sure some 14 - 21 days after that. All INFO you will find here on my blog.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How will look on MHAPro for ATS ...

Many of you play on Beta 1.36 with MHAPro v1.35 ... you must know, that map version works on Beta 1.36 but you will find many errors in there, some weird situations and some SCS problems in companies, texture problems etc ....

If you think, that is SCS problem, Report it on SCS forum to them and they will fix that....otherwise, you can always send to me problem in Email.

Today I will show you some place which will look better then before. MHAPro is already in version 1.36, still with some small problems, which will be fix later on, before release. Still many things I must overlook and fix so, I will need time. And like I said, I think parallel, SCS will release DLC Utah too.

That will take some time to connect everything with MHAPro map, please be patient. I will do everything what is in my "hands" that will be map MOD as soon as possible in Public release.

Until then ... enjoy playing in those games.

Friday, October 11, 2019

SCS released 1.36 Beta for ATS .....

Like you know, from yesterday is 1.36 open Beta in your games ... so, you can play it. What I did last evening was, Rebuild MHAPro 1.35 without any fixing in that new Beta ... and it works and finished on 1.36 100% ... what means, that will not be probably so big deal to put map this time in new version.

I hope.  But anyway, I will try to put some more my work in new 1.36 version. On the same time, I think, after some 10 -14 days when will be SCS 1.36 in public, fast after that will be released DLC Utah too ... what means for me, more work.

In any case, I will work still on MHAPro 1.36 until end of this month, to see what plans has SCS with DLC Utah. I want to connect that DCL Utah in my new 1.36 too ... and not work twice on that project.

I think my prediction is quit good. But anyway, MHAPro 1.36 for sure will not be out before end of this month.

Here is mod_description for 1.36 ATS MHAPro ...  you can download it here, but you must know that work is still in progress + work on 1.36 update from today.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Last update effect on MHAPro in ETS2

Whole DLC North (Scandinavia) is destroyed in the MHAPro ETS2 ... for sure you saw when you play on that map... last SCS update 1.35 cause a lot of problems to MHAPro map...first I fixed DLC Baltic ... but obviously was not problem there ....

I already work now 3 weeks on fixing DLC North .... and it is a huge work, almost the same like I start from Zero with that place ... all that work slow me down with all progress in that ETS2 version and new update.

I will give you just some example in pictures what I mean around that textures and terrains.

Examle 1 - BEFORE

Examle 1 - AFTER FIX

Examle 2 - BEFORE

When you drive cross DLC North you can see some weird reading texture in the game. Some holes too, the game read some textures and models faster, many of them open in the last second. SCS changed again reading textures in the game + they changed some other performance in the game. And result you see in the game, like me. 

Examle 2 - AFTER FIX

On the end I just hope I will have some time before new SCS update for some new place in the map too...