Friday, July 26, 2019

MHAPro 1.35 for ETS2 is OUT !!

Hello fans,

finally, I finished 1.35 update for ETS2 too. If you will play on DX11, you must know that DX11 is experimental and it can show on someplace black holes in the game.

The free version is still in progress and it will be ready in a short time.

If you will see any problem in the map MOD, please use my Email and send location with a picture from map inside the game and your Game.log document too...just that way I can tell you where it can be a problem.

Map MOD MHAPro is totally free of the errors. So, if you will have it, it is a problem or in your Profile or MODs which you use.

If we will find some bigger problem, I will update it and Resend you download link in Email which I will find for you ...

Those, who will support my work, please use my Form or Email in case if you will have any problem with download link !! ... you do not try many times to process, it is enough you just contact me cross Form for the problem.

Enjoy playing

Alex, MHAPro

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

MHAPro for ETS2 is close to release ...

Today I can tell you that I'm close to releasing MHAPro 1.35 for ETS2 1.35.x ... I know, I'm late but it is so much work with that, I can not work faster. Daily I work from 10-12h ... just on ETS2 and I want to release my map as fast I can out, in public.
Here are some pictures from the new update until you wait on it...I hope I will release my map until Sunday.

Friday, July 12, 2019

ETS2 and MHAPro map MOD

Euro truck simulator 2

today I finally get the whole Rebuild in my Euro truck map MOD. That's mean it is in 1.35 version. But in front of me is still a little bit of work.

I must still connect some roads and I must clear out some 1128 SCS signs which cause the problem after Rebuild what is a little bit incredibly.

All that can be probably done in some 10 -14 days or before that. I work on a daily base but it won't go faster everything ... lol ...

More INFO coming ...

on the picture, MHAPro 1.35 for ETS2 1.35 - Rebuild and without error ... but later on, I got 1128 errors from SCS signs ... lol

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Invisible wall on MHAPro for ATS 1.35 !!

Hello fans,

today I sent it again Emails to all my Supporters who support me in 24.6. and 25.6. with new download links for MHAPro 1.35 map MOD for American truck simulator update 1.35, because I found invisible wall some time ago in direction between Tonopah and Big Smoky, but I did not find time to do that and on the end, I forgot on that...sorry on that.

Now you have new download links. Please, just download again whole RAR document and you can Replace all 3 (4) Parts if you want, but most important is that you replace Part 1 !!

If somebody did not get it, contact me on my Email. All players after 25.6. have already good map MODs !!

About Euro truck simulator 2, MHAPro map is still in is a huge map and problem to find out all mistakes fast. How long will take that, I'm not sure, but I hope not so long.

More INFO will come of course...

Saturday, July 6, 2019

First good new for Euro truck simulator - MHAPro map 1.35 !

Good news for all players MHAPro for ETS2 ....
Finally, after 10 days work on all documents and everything (I re-work around 520 models again cross zModeler) ... I have MHAPro 1.35 in the new game.
In front of me is some short period of days, where I must try to fix everything and save and on the end Rebuild in new 1.35...and I hope it will work on the end everything.
I will post again everything new here on my Blog if I will some good - green point and step closer to release.
From time to time you can look here or much better, you can put your Email on the right side of the blog in Form and you will always get Email when I post something.
Please be patient. It is not so easy like some players think that it is everything.