Saturday, May 11, 2024

Notice to players for update 1.50 - MHAPro

 I inform all my players of MHAPro maps for ETS2 and ATS that I have minor health problems. The doctor actually forbade me to sit at the computer because of the bad condition of my spine.

From May 15, 2024 until the end of May 2024, I have to undergo rehabilitation. I see that the SCS team is preparing to release new maps and update 1.50. When I come back, I will try to solve it in the best way and prepare both ETS2 and ATS maps as soon as possible, so that my loyal players can play further MHAPro maps.

Unfortunately, it's not the best news, but health comes first for now. I will be away from all networks and computers because I will be treated in different ways with spinal stretching and other things.

I certainly expect that I will prepare the maps sometime by June 15-20, 2024. You will certainly not find everything in them right away, such as the new Switzerland in ETS2, and the question is also about the ATS map.

When I return from rehabilitation, I will let everyone know how things are going with the implementation of the maps for the new 1.50 update.

Thank you for understanding.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

While waiting for the 1.50 update MHAPro

 Both maps, Eurotruck simulator2 (ETS2) and American truck simulator (ATS) MHAPro are preparing for the 1.50 version. I would like to ask you all to wait with all donations until the maps are ready to play and put on my site.

Certainly my MHAPro 1.50 maps will be ready some 14-21 days after SCS sends its 1.50 update to the non-beta game. Until then, please be patient. There is a lot of work, because if the SCS team with 50 people works in 3 locations on one update for a whole year, we with the maps cannot arrange it within a week or two.

Alex, MHAPro

Friday, March 8, 2024


Hello Community

the website is now back online and everything is working fine. Due to a database update we have unfortunately lost some registered users.

For those of you who registered after February 16, 2024 - 00:03 CET, you will have to register again.

For all others who registered before, they can log in without any problems.


MHAPro - Alex