Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Work in progress ... 1.43


Since SCS put the games in Beta 1.43, my Updates will be ready sometime in December 2021. I will work on making it as soon as possible but my intention is to put new things in the folders, I don't want to just do an update to the new version.

Friday, November 12, 2021

MHAPro 1.42 for ATS 1.42 IS OUT !


I finally put together MHAPro 1.42 for ATS too.  Download is on my site in Download section (you must be LogIn site) ... as always , thank you for your support !

If you will have any problem with download after donation, please contact me first on my email :  msheavyalex@gmail.com   and I will answer as soon as possible .... look and send you manual download link.

Obviously, we will see one more update this year. My maps will be ready somewhere until the end of the year. That is plan.

Thank you again to all for support - enjoy playing

Alex, MHAPro

Thursday, November 4, 2021

MHAPro 1.42 for ETS2 is out !

 So, fans, MHAPro 1.42 for ETS2 is out. Some new things are inside the map MOD, but the biggest problem in this update was all signs which are within the game. More then 2600 pieces.

Anyway, now is fixed and map MOD works ok. All downloads you will always find on my site.

Probably map MOD work with Russian map together and some other too ... but find out in video on the end.

MHAPro 1.42 for ATS will be out until 14.11.2021. I hope some day before that too.  So, be tuned and read my posts here.