Monday, June 1, 2020

MHAPro 1.37 for ETS2 1.37.x is out !

Hello fans,

finally I put my ETS2 map MOD together too .

In my RAR document which you will download (support version) you have now in there 4 parts. You must use all 4 parts. 

Otherwise all new work you can see in INFO inside the MOD MANAGER when you click on my mod part and on "i" in corner.

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Download link you can find on my site :


Saturday, May 30, 2020

When will be ready MHAPro 1.37 for ETS2 v1.37.x ???

I will post very briefly, in Monday or Tuesday, 1. or 2.6.2020 .... all who are Register on my site will get short Email when will be map ready and in download section on my site in Download Section ... 

All in all it slows down a bit as the SCS team is constantly coming back with their work backwards. 

It is necessary to capture everything then and it is not a small job, which is why the delay in letting my map out.

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