Wednesday, September 18, 2019

MHAPro and ETS2

Work is in progress, that is 100% sure... but mostly on place of DLC North (Scand) ... because with last SCS update 1.35 whole that DLC is in mess ... how ?  - I do not know. The same was with DLC Baltic, but not so big mess like it is in DLC North.

For sure you saw the same problem when you play MHAPro too. Many places just missing, and when I looked in SCS map, I saw, they put a lot of trees in the map on the whole DLC ... they changed "long-distance view" inside the game too. It works on smaller distance now. Shame. We're in front of DX11 and now we go me everything works on lower quality than on DX9 ...especially Editor in which we must work. It is slower. Very slow.

With that problem, all my other work stay on the place and wait "on me" when I will finish with an overlook on the DLC North. SCS changed some signs too... most of them are for gas stations.

I will show you on pictures, what I overlook already in DLC North. I just hope that work can be faster.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Where is new progress ...

MHAPro is like always in progress ... on both maps ... on ETS2 I must fix big place inside the DLC North ... new update cause a lot of problems to DLC Baltic and much more to the DLC North (Scand.)...SCS changed a lot around textures...they obviously still fight with textures in the game and how big can some texture have range inside the game....which will not cause some problems, like lagging.

In ATS is a little bit different the end, this game is the better result of ETS2 game and obviously is everything better arranged than in ETS2.

If I look at both games from the same side, I must more work put in fixing things in ETS2 than in ATS.  The final result is more new work in ATS than in ETS2 where I must from day to day fix something old ... and I can not put more time in new progress. But you will something new in ETS2 too ... just I can not show so fast something new in pictures as in ATS.

I hope you understand the situation. When I will have something new from ETS2 map, of course, I will show you new pictures. Today something from ATS ...

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

MHAPro in progress ...

...probably will be next update 1.36 ... so, for now, I put that number on both maps ...
Today I will show first some places from MHAPro for ATS 1.36 update, so next one.... please do not ask me right now on start, when will be out... lol ...

For now, I finished these places inside the map MOD ...

MHAPro ATS 1.36 (in SUPPORT-donation version Compatible with 1.36.x Steam and higher) :

1. Redding (CA) - a new part of road 299
2. new crosses and connections around Redding (CA)
3. new signs around Redding (CA) on highway 5 and 299
4. Redding - new connection 44 and 299 to the Eureka
5. Redding (CA)
- company Plaster and Sons
6. new roads in part of Placerville (CA)
7. new DHL company in MOD MHAPro
8. Placerville (CA)
- company DHL
9. new road to Placerville (CA), connected on road from Oakdale to Rancho Cordova (CA)
10. Las Vegas (NV)
- company DHL
11. new road to DHL company + connection to the highway 215
12. fixed some problems on the map
13. Klamath Fall (OR)
- new connection cross city in south place of the city
- new roads inside the city
14. new city Albany (OR)
- company dg_wd_saw
- company Mcdonalds whs
15. new company in map MOD - McDonalds warehouse (whs)

Next, pictures ...