Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lets see next for MHAPro 1.37 - American truck simulator

I will just post some pictures from my next work for American truck simulator ... maybe you saw, new Mack is coming in ATS game .... so, more and more interesting things will be in the game.

Here are pictures from my next work on MHAPro map for American truck simulator update 1.37 .... I will do my best that will be out in some 3-4 weeks.

lets see now what I did ... for you

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How fast will be MHAPro for ATS 1.37 in public ???

Answer is very simple .... in some 3-4 weeks ... I hope SCS team will release in mean time some country in DLC I can connect my new update on new map DLC in American truck simulator too ..

If they will not, I will release my map and later on connect the same thing with a little more pain on 2x time in the same map ... what else I can do ... lol ... and of course somehow resend my map connected on new  DLC  to my support fans !

Today I will show you new small city with garage, companies some roads, road work etc .... Springerville (AZ) .... I am cautiously taking places for a new folder that some new SCS update in future does not cause and destroy my work !

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for any problem with my map you can always contact me on my Email, but please first UPLOAD in email your Game.log document and write down reason....

Sunday, April 19, 2020

For ETS2 will be new this.....

Because of to big Sectors in both games...I must almost always change new places manual ... in that case you will not see in my maps always anything what SCS made... reason is very simple.
I can not just replace Sectors, that way I can just delete all other my work on my maps... so I try to replace or change almost always places manual. That takes always many time. But sometimes is that good too, I get some new ideas too ....
Here are pictures from my last work on ETS2 map for next update 1.37 .... I wait on SCS team when they will release their last update in Public.
Already I can tell that old Part 4 with sound for now does not work anymore on update 1.37...but new map will be in 4 parts again, and you will need all 4 parts for playing.
New place are in Metz, Reims and Strasbourg (F).
Enjoy in pictures ....
Today 19.4.2020 I will block download link for my map MODs 1.36 ... even if they work on Betas 1.37 with some errors...anyway, I will block them until will not be new maps with 1.37 update ready and SCS release in public that update.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

SCS Beta games are out ... right ?!

Just short notice from me ... I work of course on both map MODs for Euro truck simulator 2 and American truck simulator .... dont worry, new updates will be out, but after when they will be ready...right now I can not tell you when that will be. I wait on 1.37 public SCS release too ...

On other hand, you can play with both maps if you have versions 1.36 on new Beta 1.37 .... you must just remove Part 4 (sounds) ... and it will be ok. ... Part 4 on new 1.37 does not work anymore.

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Enjoy playing