Monday, February 25, 2019

Detour around Las Vegas ...

...finally, I finished Detour around Las Vegas. Everything is connected. For now, are some new things already in new Update. I already put everything in my new number 1.35 which will be next SCS update too.

Probably you saw, that SCS has new Rules and they close my both Topics in SCS Forum. Will I Re-open again, it is hard to say. Last year or maybe two I did not write to much there, because I do not find the time and write so much. I work on both maps all the time and everything "out of that" I do not find more time. Or I can work less and talk more over the Forum.
I love more work on maps.

When you want to find out what is new in some update, you can always read inside the "mod_description".

Let's see look last pictures from Detour around Las Vegas.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

MHAPro is in progress

Next step for both games, ETS2 and ATS will be update 1.35. Like you saw and already you know too, you can play on 1.34 version without any problem.

Will be everything available when will SCS release 1.35 update, we will see ... but I will do that fast I will can .. like always.

Today I will show you some new pictures. Many of you know that I work further on the Detour Las Vegas on 215 highway around ... there will be 5-6 new companies .. with some new roads .. and connection to road 95. That way we will not drive even close to city or cross city.

I already made one more new city for ATS too ... with companies - new places - and I hope that will help us more joy in playing.

Parallel I always fix everything that I found or I get from my fans ...more or less small things but to me very important, because I'm a perfectionist. It must be everything ok.

If will be everything ok ...and I will work this speed, maybe I can release ATS update in April ... but let's leave that a little bit time on the side for now. Maybe will SCS give us some date for DLC Washington ... and then I can connect with that ... we will see.

Let's look at today's pictures ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

SCS released 1.34 update !!

Hello Fans,

after some time I will reactivate my Blog again.

Today I will just confirm that both map MODs MHAPro for ETS2 and ATS work without any problem on new SCS update 1.34.

Obviously, I will release a new update with number 1.35 later on, for some 2 months. Here are first pictures from that new update for ATS.