Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Future with MHAPro

Like last year, I can not just seat and look in the air.... daily I work on my maps some 9h average. I think I finished with fixing on my MHAPro for ETS2 ... and all players who play on Support version, use the same download link which you got from me in Email after your support, so you can update your MHAPro map 1.36 for ETS2 game.

With ATS game I started already with new 1.37 update work... and I started in California with old project which is already opened some 3-4 last updates ... that is Indio, near Coachella. I think it will be nice new place on that part of map near highway 10. City will show some other time when will be ready for some picture...for now is in total mess.

Of course, later on I go on new places too.

So, do not believe that I dont work. I cant look in the ... believe me.

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