Thursday, December 19, 2019

MHAPro 1.36 for ETS2 is coming soon !!

Probably will be this until the Sunday, 22.12.2019. In evening time EU. So, be patient, I work on that full time like always, and I hope everything will be together until then...

If something cause problem, then latest date for release be 24.12.2019 in the morning...because from that day until 6.1.2020 I will not be to much on Internet.


Whoever intends to support my ETS2 game project, to do so as soon as possible until 27.12.2019. After that day, from 12/28/2019 to 1/6/2020 I will be rarely on the Internet. It may happen that you will wait 24-48h for my reply if the Download Page does not work for you. I hope it does.

I will try to do mine as soon as possible and as best I can.

Alex, MHAPro

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