Sunday, December 1, 2019

MHAPro 1.36 for ATS v1.36.x is OUT !

Hello fans,

finally I finished my MHAPro 1.36 version for American truck simulator. In there are new cities, villages, companies, new roads, connection to new DLC UTAH etc ...

What is new in my new update you can read in my mod_description, which you can find in any RAR document in downloads or in my Free map parts too.

If you will support my work, you must be LogOn my site all the time in the same time when everything goes cross Paypal system.

On the end you will be redirected to the my site and download link if you will do everything ok.

If you will get some error on the end of process, do not hesitate me on my Email : 

When you will contact me on my email after problem, send me email which you used for Paypal and name and I will look in Paypal and everything connect and then send you download link if is everything ok.

You can use your old Profiles, but first you must update all MODs which you use for 1.36 version. Map MOD works perfect on 1.36 version and if you will have crash, you can look in Game.log where is the problem, for sure it is not on MHAPro map. If you do not know what can be, contact me on my email, and send me in the same time Game.log in email so I can look and find the problem.

You can find downloads  on my site:  in Download section.

Enjoy playing