Monday, November 18, 2019

MHAPro progress in ATS ...

Some good news are.... everything is ok ... and progress is good what means the release date will be between 25.11. and 30.11.2019.

I want to overlook some more places...put some new small cities in there...maybe some new Special transport, everything what can give more in MHAPro map MOD.

So, please be patient a little bit more.

On picture you can see some small detail from MHAPro map MOD.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Tiago .. I hope it will be really good ... I already like it ... and testing .. works ok ... ;) but I must a little bit upgrade it too ... more stuff IN ... it is already some 46 points updated ... but I can do some more in next 8-10 days ... I think ;)

  2. Thanks Alex. I really enjoy your maps, due to the high quality. I look forward to your 1.36 release.

  3. Btw, will is be compatible with any other map mods?

    1. Marx,

      that never depend on me and on MHAPro !! ... my map MOD is on basic SCS game place ... and all maps which use that the same Sectors for sure will not work with MHAPro ! ... those another, which are out of that SCS game and connect from outside, they must properly connect on MHAPro. If they do not connect, for sure will not work !