Monday, June 10, 2019

MHAPro for ATS

Hello fans,

like always, I will be short, because after some 3-4 weeks on daily base fight with my map and Editor in American truck simulator, I finally can say, map MOD is in 1.35 update and it is without any error.

Behind me is 12-15h daily in 3-4 weeks ... and I'm totally purging, but no matter how silly it was.

MHAPro for ATS 1.35 is in the testing phase. And tomorrow will be out DLC Washington too, so I must connect on that too. Probably will many of you ask me, will you need that DLC for playing on MHAPro. Yes. My maps are always connected on all SCS map DLC.

In front of me is now Euro truck simulator and totally work out to the end on the same level as ATS. I hope it will work like American truck simulator. We will see. I hope it will go faster because I learn some new tricks on ATS and probably I can use them on ETS2 too.

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MHAPro map MOD for American truck simulator will be Publish probably some 1-2 weeks after tomorrow when will be out DLC Washington.

Pictures are from testing.

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