Monday, May 20, 2019

How is with MHAPro map MOD for 1.35 ?

About American Truck simulator and Euro truck simulator 2 !!
Short INFO ... how is going about MHAPro maps in new 1.35 - pain, pain and again ... pain ... lol
Many mistakes are in the basic games... but we must Update all Models and Prefabs again ...
This time I update for ATS 5th time all my data .... and for ETS2 I already do not count anymore .... haha
I can confirm, that MHAPro for ATS is in 1.35 with many errors on which I work now cross zModeler ... + other small things. But for now is a new problem, because Rebuild won't work in ATS too ... like in ETS2 ...
When I will update everything ... I will try again , but for update all my Models and Prefabs I will leave behind me 3-4 days with some 12-15h work on the day ... huge work ... because every model which I update I must overlook in the map too see if it is ok or not.
So, big show these days on my PC .... hahaha
I just hope will work on the end as it must.


  1. Can we still use the current version MHAPro map MOD in V1.35 ( Minus Washington DLC of coarse ) and will it work with Dx 11 ? I wanted to try it until your new MHAPro map comes out in a couple weeks . Thanks

    1. MHAPro like other maps does not work on 1.35 ! Like always, my all maps work just with all SCS DLC maps !!

  2. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! what county am i in now