Thursday, May 2, 2019

Closer and closer to 1.35 update

Both maps MHAPro on my site are close !!  Because we're close to the update 1.35.  Anyway, depend from SCS when they will release 1.35 update in public, I plan to release some 14- 30 days after Public release my maps too ... depend on what I must do about compatibility and some other stuff.

Those, who are on my site MHAPro in User base, you will get Email when will be ready. Other can see that in my Facebook group or here on the blog and my site in News.

Today I will show you a totally new part of road US 26 in Oregon will find it between Juntura and Ontario - the cross will be in totally new city Vale (with companies too). That road will connect Vale and Mt Vernon and somewhere in the middle, you will find a small place called Brogan.

With the new SCS trailer and new roads in MHAPro map, everything will be more fun on the roads.

Joy and fun in the game are most important to me and of course, that everything works like it must !!

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